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How to tell if you’re single in a relationship

This is a new year, and we don’t want you to go through life deceiving yourself, so we’ve decided to inform and advise you on how to determine your true relationship status.

They don’t text or call you for several days

If you don’t contact or message, they won’t do it, and when you do, they say they are too busy. Unless they are sick, dying, or suicidal, nobody who actually cares about you can go days without attempting to speak to you.

They have best friends of the opposite gender

This one is tricky, but to be honest, platonic ties with the opposite gender are uncommon these days. Particularly when they are constantly hanging out with their besties.

They would rather be with their friends than with you

You just don’t feel important in the hierarchy of individuals they appreciate in their lives. They are constantly with other people, so-called friends, and you rarely get to communicate with them.

Never show you affection

Even single people have more love than you. They do not make any romantic gestures. In fact, they overlook your birthday and wedding anniversary.

They don’t pay attention to your complaints

They ignore you and continue to act in ways that hurt your feelings after you have expended all of your energy constantly whining about what you desire or how you believe they might also act to ensure that you feel more loved.

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