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Halima Abubakar says ladies should leave married men

Last year the news of the so called affair between Halima Abubakar with Apostle Suleman and her health challange broke out on net, resulting in
to and fro talks and gist from her fans.

With her getting better in health, she has currently took the the media that she has decided to work on her moral status.

She also said that ladies should create side hustles and leave people’s husbands alone, advising them to avoid being side chics to married men.

she said, “Leave a life you would be proud of. Thank you all for all the prayers and encouragement, love. I am on a new part, to a new life, strive to be new you and stay safe and morally right…No do side chick o…see u soon Find a side business and leave ppls husbands. Let’s do this.”

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