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Signs that you’re the broke friend in your circle

The broke friend concept implies that there is a broke friend in every friendship circle.

The most embarrassing thing you can do is be the broke buddy in your friend group. As you grow older, the disparity between your old and new friends in regard to financial standing becomes more pronounced. Some of your mates will earn more than you, while others will earn less. It might grow increasingly difficult to spend time with friends who gain more or, in some cases, less than you.

You dislike their vacation or outing ideas

When they say, ‘Let’s go out,’ you usually wrinkle your nose because it’s extremely costly and out of budget, but you consider going anyway, and now what happens?

You are concerned about the bill

You did decide to go out, and you were purchasing drinks, having a good time until the waiter arrived with the bill. If you have a heart attack when your bill arrives and begin inventing excuses concerning your bank app disconnecting and requesting others to spend for you while pledging to pay later, you are the broke friend.

You are constantly asking for money

Many people are always comfortable asking their guys for money. ‘Guy, you fit to send me 5,000?’ is their normal language. They are clearly the friend that is cashless.

They no longer invite you out

They’ll eventually tire of footing your bills and stop going out with you. You’ll be watching them from home because they done tire.

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