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Travel by bus: Countries to travel to from Nigeria

All you need is a Nigerian passport, a Yellow card, and plenty of cash!

Every day, people travel to other African nations  such as Mali, Ghana, and Liberia, either by bus or by private car.

You, too, can do it, with either friends or by yourself. All you need is a Nigerian passport, a Yellow card, and plenty of cash!

The countries listed below are African countries you can travel by bus from Nigeria.


Explore West Africa’s landlocked country. Mali is Africa’s eighth-largest country, covering slightly more than 1,240,000 square kilometers. Mali is one of the countries close to Nigeria, you can travel by bus. 

Take a vehicle from Togo to Mali, or travel to Northern Ghana and take a bus.


Ghana is breathtaking, especially when traveling by road. Before you travel, make sure you have your passport, yellow card, and Cedis.

You can take a bus to Accra or Maza Maza.

Accra Central Accra Ghana 2019
travel by bus


Travel by bus to Senegal via Cotonou, Burkina Faso, and Mali, or catch a straight ride from Cotonou.

Keep in mind that the bus ride from Cotonou to Burkina Faso takes 23 hours, and the bus ride from Burkina Faso to Mali (Bomako) takes another 27 hours.

Finally, the journey from Bamako to Dakar will take 26 hours. Every evening between 4 and 6 p.m., a bus leaves Cotonou.


Take a big bus from Bamako (Mali) to Nouakchott, which costs US$65 and takes 31 hours (that’s plus a wait at the border for about 5 hours).

Take a minibus from Nouakchott to Nouadhibou (US$20, 6 hours).

Mauritania shutterstock 690018196
travel by bus


Take a shared car from Mauritania to Dakhla (US$46, 8 hours, including a couple of hours waiting at the border).

So there you have it countries you can travel to by bus from Nigeria. Check out more on lifestyle.



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