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Styling pencil skirts: A fashion trend in 2023

Working can be tiring at times, with long meetings and hectic tasks with impossible time limits. Going to work, on the other hand, is a golden opportunity for a style icon like you to walk an office hall like it’s your runway, displaying your fantastic work attire and providing your peers a good dose of clothing goodness.

A pencil skirt is a classic piece of clothing that lies at the centre of what we commonly refer to as “office” attire. The pencil skirt is a classic in every woman’s wardrobe and is a fantastic pick for formal styling due to the way it amplifies curves that celebrates the woman’s body.

While you may think you already know everything when it comes to styling pencil skirts, but this article will show you how to achieve this fashion trend in 2023.

Pencil skirt and turtlenecks

Wearing pencil skirts with a turtleneck top is always a safe bet. Try something different instead of having to wear the same old silk tee or chiffon blouse. When paired with hoop earrings, a turtleneck with something like a pencil skirt radiates elegance.

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Pencil skirts with a jackets, or blazers

Consider this a welcoming reminder to always wear multiple layers. When paired with a blazer, styling pencil skirts appear more professional; however, if a blazer appears too formal, attempt a jacket instead.

Spaghetti strap tops and pencil skirts

While most workplaces have a strict dress code, that doesn’t mean you can’t show some body. A spaghetti top with a pencil skirt exudes confidence and empowerment. If you are concerned about showing too much skin, you could layer it with a blazer or coat consider it a fashion trend in 2023 that could easily spice up your styling pencil skirt journey.

Sweaters and pencil skirts

The keys to having to look chic and fashionable in this combination are proper color and design selection. Choosing to wear a plain hot pink sweater over a blue pencil skirt, for example, would be a tragedy.

So there you have it fashion trend tips and guides when wearing pencil skirts in 2023. Like the article? Kindly share it.

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