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Seyi Law apology to fans

In a statement released on his official account on social media, Seyi Law confirmed that things might have gotten heated among people because of differing views. He expressed his appreciation to his fans for their continued support.

Seyi Law, known for his sense of humour and lively public persona, went on to say that the experience had taught him some valuable lessons and that he was dedicated to using his foundation for progressive change and unity in the future.

He also urged his fans and supporters, regardless of political affiliations or beliefs, to forgive him and work together to promote peace and harmony in the country.

My fellow Nigerians, I am happy you’re as passionate as you are about your preferred candidates. That is the way politics should be. However, bitterness and hatred towards one another shouldn’t have a place between us. You might not see things the way I see it. That doesn’t mean you are wrong, and I am right. It just means that we are different. If your candidates have won, I would have prayed and worked for his success and mine.

I apologise to those offended by my support, and I seriously condemn all the violence across the country. I have mixed feelings not for my candidate’s winning, but your genuine angers. However, I pray Nigeria and Nigerians’ lives get better.”

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