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Phyna reasons for having two abortions

Season seven winner of Big Brother Josephine Otabor, better known as Phyna, has revealed why she aborted two pregnancies.

In a Twitter conversation in December, 2022, the tv star confessed to having terminated two pregnancies.

Many people have wondered what prompted her decision since then.

Phyna made clear her decision in a private interview with Punch, quenching curiousity.

Her age and the relationship she was in were cited as major motivators for her decision.

In her words, “if there are 100 women in Nigeria today, 98 have done abortions. So, no one should judge me. I was in a 12-year relationship then and I was so young. The first abortion was when I was 19; I couldn’t go home to tell my parents that I was pregnant at that age. And the two pregnancies were so early like two to three weeks that I could just use tablets. The second was when I was 24, and I had finished serving then. I was ready to keep it but the relationship was getting toxic. He abused me and always beat me up. I said to myself that I couldn’t do this anymore, so I took it out and that was how I ended the relationship.”

Phyna also stated that if she were faced with such a decision, she would not make this because she now has comfortable ability to care for a child.

“The way I am now, I have money to take care of 10 children. In fact, if my parents were rich at the time of my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t have aborted it. But because I knew I was from a very poor background, we used to eat once a day then, especially in the afternoon and then carry it till the next day. So, keeping the baby then, was no option for me.”

Phyna is a Nigerian model, actress, entertainer, and reality television star. She is the one. Click here for more on entertainment.



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