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Morning Erections? Why?

Men experience morning erections known as morning wood.

What causes these morning erections in men? Even doctors are baffled as to why. Some people believe that sexual stimulation or the need to urinate causes morning wood, but this is not the case.

These erections occur also when men are sleeping and do not indicate that they are experiencing a sexual fantasy. While he is sleeping, an erection can last up to one hour.

It’s a good thing to wake up to an erection. Furthermore, most erections will fade within a few minutes of waking up.

If you wake up with an erect penis, it means there is a steady source of blood to the penis; it also means getting an erection when awake won’t be difficult for you.

In any case, if you no longer have morning erections, you should be concerned. It could indicate erectile dysfunction.

There are several theories about why erections occur; here are a few of them:

Touching your sleeping partner’s body

Sleeping beside your companion and hugging their body can result in an erection. Even while you sleep, your body may be reacting to them.

Excess testosterone

When you awaken, your testosterone level is at an all-time high, which can cause morning boners.

Relaxation of the brain

Your body suppresses random erections during the day. Because you are so relaxed at night, you have as many boners as you want since your body produces less of the hormone that inhibits erections.

Men begin having morning erections as early as 8 years and continue until they are about 70 years old.

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