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Morning breath: How to get rid of it

Morning breath destroys a good morning like nothing else. The question is, from where does it emerge from? You brushed your teeth. You do not have a stomach disorder. Why then does your breath smell like fish in Ikeja market?

Continue reading to learn the things you must do to stop morning breath and the quickest way to fix it.

The night before, triage

You did, after all, brush your teeth for two seconds. However, any crumb of food left serves as bait for bacteria. Bacteria eat your leftover food and expel the rotten-egg stench that wakes you up.

If you have an important morning ahead of you, floss, brush, and use an antibacterial rinse. There should be no crumbs.

Stop breathing through your mouth

The onset of apnea is the cause of the problem. Furthermore, breathing though the mouth creates a dry zone in which bacteria thrive.

Turning on to your side or stomach could be the solution. Perhaps you require a decongestant. Whatever you do, a closed mouth will taste better the next morning.

Stay away from alcohol

Look for an alcohol-free version of your favorite mouthwash. And, while we’re on the subject, don’t attempt to fix your morning breath by washing with vodka.

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Morning breath

Brush your tongue

You floss and brush your teeth, but you still wake up reeking like a german shepherd. Turn your focus to your tongue.

Taking your toothbrush to your tongue in the morning is also a quick way to repair any damage done the night before, or to expanded the minty smell of toothpaste just over.

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