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knuckle rings: Men dressing accessories

Knuckle rings? Gone are the days when men dressing accessories were limited to a watch and cufflinks.  Sure, those are compelling accessories, but men’s dressing accessories are so much more than that.

Let’s talk knuckle rings now that the fashion trend in Nigeria is becoming more inclusive, versatile, and intentional. These statement-making pieces have been adored for centuries by African traditional rulers and generals alike.

Knuckle Rings are an excellent choice for a newcomer to the male fashion with style. They’re not challenging, they’re super simple to put together and they can be as subtle or loud. The good thing is that they are simple to match with your favorite outfits.

It is critical to find your pleasure in little or more. Whatever path you choose, be at ease with it. Your rings should be loose enough even to effortlessly twist about your finger, but tight enough that they don’t slip right off – it’s all about balance.

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With the latest trends in Fashion balance is essential, especially if you want to wear more than one. It is best to have both hands appear balanced,  if you decide to wear an outsized ring on your left index finger, balance it with a bunch of simplistic rings on your right hand rather than another oversized design.

Whether you’re wearing rings for the first time or have been wearing them for ages, confidence is key. That is the most important secret known to man. It all boils down to self-assurance. So, experiment with your rings till you discover a look that works for you.

Don’t be scared to venture out and find what fits you. Check out more on fashion and style.



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