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How to store your wigs: 3 best ways

If you answered by throwing them in a pack, we have some bad news for you.

How to store your wigs determines their longevity, and if you need to send them out to be laundered every time, you should wear them.

Because your hair does not get dirty, it lasts longer, is tangle-free, and retains its shine.

These are some of the best ways in storing wigs.

Preparing Wigs for Storage

You must prepare your wigs for storage before storing them.

Clean and condition your wig

Before storing wigs, ensure to clean them with a clarifying or a safe shampoo to remove any dirt or oil buildup.

Condition and gently straighten your wigs, particularly curly human hair units, and allow them to air dry before packing. For synthetic hair units, try a quick spritz of wig-friendly leave-in conditioner.

It must be thoroughly dried

Consider the odour of wet clothes. That’s exactly what happens when you keep your wigs wet.

Before you store wigs, they must be completely air-dried. Mould and mildew could grow on your wig if it gets wet and isn’t taken care of soon.

Keeping Your Wig

It’s time to store your hair now that it’s completely dry. The only rule for storing your wigs is to preserve them cool and dry, out of direct sunlight. Here are some of the best way to store your wigs:

Keep your wigs on a mannequin

A personal favourite, storing wigs on a wig head is an excellent storage solution, particularly for straight or wavy wigs. This technique of storage maintains your hair looking good and in shape.

As long as it’s cool and dry, you could use a styrofoam, canvas, or a wig stand.

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How to store your wigs

Keep it in a satin or silk bag

Another excellent option for storing wigs is to keep your wigs in a silk wig bag. It not only helps to keep it soft, but it also keeps tangles at bay.

With a simple Google search, you can quickly find silk or satin wig bags that take up almost no space.

A box

You can always put your wigs in a box for convenient storage, particularly if you need to travel with them.

However, ensure your wigs are not crowded together, and that the box is totally dry.

So there you have it the best ways to store your wigs. Check out more by clicking here.



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