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How to care of your Human Hair Wigs: 6 Good to Know tips

Human Hair Wig? A woman’s hair is her “glory,” which is why she is so concerned with how it looks. It is even said that a woman’s hair reveals her personality. Hair shampoo, conditioner, and constant retouching are no longer necessary. Women nowadays have turned to wigs to achieve the desired look.

Here are simple ways to care for your wigs and make them last as long as they should:

Must not wear the same wig every day

First and foremost, you must follow this rule when taking care of your human hair wig. If you dress up with the same wig every day, it will eventually fall apart. It’s because they’re more delicate than synthetic wigs. It’s because they’re more delicate than synthetic wigs.

When you dress up with your human hair wig too frequently, the threads will begin to tear; the colour of the hair will be influenced by excessive exposure to weather, as will its overall appearance. If you wear wigs on a regular basis, invest in a couple of additional human hair wigs and rotate them.

Keep your wigs moist at all times

Moisturize three times a week or whenever you intend to wear your wig. Start making a hair conditioner your best friend if you have curly/wavy hair. Use serum on your wig for straight, bouncy hair. 

Gently, smoothly, and thoroughly massage a sufficient quantity of moisturiser into your wig. It keeps the hair looking straight and shiny while also locking in the curls or waves (if any).

Do not keep your wigs anyhow

After wearing your wig, place it on a wig stand to reduce tangling. Properly storing your human hair wig is an important part of caring for it. Maintaining your wig entails not only shampooing, conditioning, and styling it, but also storing it when not in use.

You must keep your wig far from all sources of heat. Also, do not store your wig in a cold or humid environment; this will reduce the wig’s lifespan.

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Your wig should not be washed frequently

Washing your human hair wig frequently shortens its lifespan and damages it. For a healthy wig, use shampoo twice a year; however, every other time, simply cold wash your wig by using lukewarm water through it, then applying conditioner and rinsing with cool water.

When washing the wig, be gentle with it. Also, do not wash your human hair wig in hot water! It may cause damage to the weave. You can shampoo with lukewarm water instead.

Use only high-quality washing products

Instead, opt for high-quality, organic products. You spend your money on the best human hair wig. So, why cut costs when purchasing cleaning products? When washing your human hair wig, always use high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal. You can consult with a professional hairstylist about the best products to use when washing your wig. Some hair care products are specifically designed for human hair wigs and should be purchased.

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Avoid overheating your wig

One of the most common errors that people make is burning up their wigs while straightening their hair with heating equipment. It is a definite no-no. If you style or heat your human hair wig every day, it will not last long, but if you must, use a heat protectant.

Also, make sure your hairdryer, curler, or straightening tools on your human hair wig is set to low heat.

So there you have it how to care for your wigs. Find more here.



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