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Best places to live in Nigeria 2023

If you live in Port harcourt or Abuja, I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me that you are frustrated; the high living costs and public transport, hours in traffic, and expensive food can all take a toll on your wallet and mental health.

Nigeria is a large country with states and a capital; here are our picks for the best places to live in Nigeria.


The old city of Ibadan is among the best places to live in Nigeria. According to Property Pro, it is also one of the cheapest areas.

A land plot can be purchased for N100,000, and a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for as little as N200,000. Even hotel rooms start at N3,000. Aside from that, food and transport are very affordable in Ibadan. Furthermore, it is a lively city, so you will not be bored.

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best places to live in nigeria

Ikot Ekpene

If you enjoy good food, this Akwa Ibom town is for you. As per Property Pro, you can get a hotel room for as little as N2,000 and rent is similarly as low. Ikot, which is near the capital of Uyo, is also a business area.


Many of the items we are using are manufactured in Onitsha, meaning that the majority of what you buy will be at low cost. Onitsha is commercialised, which means that if you own a business, you have a huge market for your products and services. Onitsha also has reasonably priced transportation and lodging.

best places to live in nigeria


If you want to raise a family in a quiet, serene, and beautiful city, I recommend Jos. The scenery is breathtaking, with plateaus all around and chilly wet weather.

Clothes are cheap in Jos, as is transport, but aside from that food is cheap, and you’d be surprised.

You can have a decent apartment for as little as N70,000.


This city in Osun is as inexpensive as it gets. A campus culture has kept the cost of living and food as low as possible. There are also many historical and cultural sites to visit, as well as some quiet time making it one of the best places to live in Nigeria.

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So there you have it the list of best places to live in Nigeria for 2023. Click here to read more.



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