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7 dating apps for single people in Nigeria

The truth is that you can find your true love anywhere, but if meeting people on offline hasn’t worked out for you, why not find a relationship online?

A couple met and began a relationship on a bible application called YouVersion. So broaden your horizons; it doesn’t have to be dating websites.

The following are the top seven dating apps.


If you’re looking for a decent person to fall in love with, this picture-sharing app is ideal. The app is essentially a dating app, with pictures of many absolutely gorgeous people all over the place, and you can use it to find the partner of your dreams by simply falling into their dm.


Tinder has evolved from a site for finding love to one for hooking up, but who says a hookup or one-night stand can’t lead to a relationship? Who’s to say that if you’re looking for love, you won’t find it on Tinder? If you’re looking for sex, you can locate it there as well, but you’ll probably have to pay for it.


Forget about how savage people are on Twitter; single people are out there desperately looking for love. With so many ‘we met on Twitter’ stories, don’t underestimate the power of slipping into Twitter direct messages. You can switch from conversing on the timeline to interacting elsewhere.


Badoo is another popular dating app in Nigeria. It doesn’t have as many limitations as Tinder: you can put almost anything on your profile and even meet people in other cities.


Although we met on Snapchat is not as popular because you must first be given people’s Snapchat IDs, if you are single and looking to mingle, you might find what you are going to look for there.


TikTok, believe it or not, is ideal for finding love; with so many people dancing and displaying their beautiful and good-looking bodies and faces, sliding into the messages isn’t so difficult.


Forget LinkedIn’s professional facade; people are also looking for an experienced lover. From ‘thank you for connecting with me’ to ‘can I get your number?’ LinkedIn is ideal for those searching for high-achieving lovers.

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