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5 s*x positions that are guaranteed to cause orgasms

Aside from giving birth, the idea of sex is pleasure, and nothing beats mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms.

The man and woman, on the other hand, should not behave like tiny hamsters running up and down the crib, unsure of how to get to the fantasy land of orgasms.

Knowing the proper position is all that stands between you and pleasure. Here are five tried-and-true positions:

The position of the CAT

This isn’t a literal cat-like stance, but rather an abbreviation for a much more formal phrase – Coital Adjusted Technique.

Maximum satisfaction is obtained with this technique by providing adequate coital stimulation.

The penis doesn’t really penetrate but stimulates the clitoris, causing an orgasm in no time.

The position of the pinner

For women who’ve never reach orgasm before, this is a promised position. The guy pins her to the bed using this technique.

He enters through her back as she lies on her back. While all of this is going on, many women are playing with their clitoris.

The ascended missionary

For good reason, the missionary posture is a classic. Face-to-face interaction fosters trust and intimacy.

Placing a pillow behind your back, on the other hand, lifts her pelvis and helps improve penetration.

For males

Surprise! Surprise! Some men have difficulty ejaculating and must work at it for hours. Here’s how they can feel so good more quickly:

Doggy style

This is guaranteed orgasm, and it has something to do with the lady arching her back while he thrust.

First and foremost, this is an excellent perspective for every man, and it stimulates them.

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Second, they exert the greatest amount of energy, and it is this effort on the part that causes them to reach orgasm.

The collapsed doggy, also known as the pinner position, is included in this doggy style.

The woman on top

This also offers good view, and the man gets to explore the woman’s body with his hands. Check out more lifestyle related gist.



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