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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stay Friends With Your Ex

We understand that not all breakups are chaotic, but you should be cautious about the relationships you choose to have and maintain.

Remember that this is someone with whom you have communicated your heart, soul, and sometimes even your body; they have given you joy simply by looking at you. If your relationship ends amicably and there is no wahala among you two, why not continue and stay friends with your ex? I’m here now to tell you that you shouldn’t even try.

It may prevent you from finding true love again

Maintaining an on-again, off-again friendship with anyone you used to date may act as an anchor that prevents you from finding someone else. Allow them to leave and find a new relationship.

Emotional hangovers and romantic attachments

Constant communication fosters the development of feelings. If you only talk to your ex once every three months, that’s fine, but if you check in on them every week or so, emotions will resurface unintentionally, not to mention sexual feelings.

After-breakup sex/sexts

Your mind may despise them, but your body doesn’t seem to; it remembers. You don’t want to be in a sexual encounter with them all the time. Remember Okafor’s law, and don’t even think about having sexual conversations with them.

Moving on is more difficult

You must have as much space as you can get after a break-up. All of that want to be friends stuff right just after breakup is out. If you were relying on them to provide sentimental, financial, or any other type of support, separate yourself from them right away. It will be a good idea although painful, but it is the only way to get better and improve.

It will cause your new companion to be uneasy

When people are looking for a relationship with you, being friends with an ex, is a turn off. Maintaining that friendship throughout your love situation will make your partner feel hurt and unsure of their place. Furthermore, you may be utilizing them to meet your partner’s emotional needs, and vice versa.

So there you have it 5 reasons to avoid being friends with your ex and why its a bad idea. Click here for more on lifestyle.



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