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5 Compelling reasons to be friends with your ex

We’ve all been there: you fall in love with someone you think is ‘the one,’ and life is perfect for a while.

You spend months or even years forming strong bonds with this person as you get to know them and keep falling in love with them.

Then, somewhere along the way, circumstances happen, and your wonderful relationship is over. Whatever happens, your heart is broken, and life as you know it is over.

Luckily, the end of a relationship doesn’t really imply the loss of this wonderful person. Because good relationships share characteristics with great friendships, your former lover can become a true friend if you control things correctly.

Here are four compelling reasons why you should be friends with your ex:

You had a reason to like them

The fact that you fancied something about them and probably liked them enough to start dating them is unaffected by the end of your relationship. You actually loved them because he or she is intelligent and understands your sense of humor… Because ending things changes nothing, it makes sense to keep them.

They already know who you are and recognize you for the person you are

You don’t have to describe in detail yourself to this person; they already know everything about you and are fine with it. Making friends as an adult can be difficult, so why waste a wonderful person who acknowledges you for who you are?

You avoid awkward situations

Being friends with your ex eliminates the need to avoid your favorite haunts for fear of bumping into them. You don’t have to deal with just about any post-breakup awkwardness because you’re comfortable with each other.

You both show concern about one another

When a relationship ends, your feelings do not go away. You may no longer be in love with them, yet you care about them. Even if it isn’t you, you still want what is best for them, which is a key component of any decent relationship.

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