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4 Best methods for caring for relaxed hair

Even if you’re relaxing your hair, you’d like it to have the necessary volume; you don’t want your hair to look thin, weak, and scanty.

You will continue to have problems with breakage if you do not follow the proper regimen. However, if you follow these four guidelines, you will be able to achieve better and healthier relaxed hair:

Only your roots should be relaxed

The most common error we used to make was relaxing already relaxed hair. This is most likely why people ended up with spots and severely damaged hair.

When you need to touch up your hair, coat the rest of it with something thick, like hair food, and leave the growth alone. The thick layer will act as a protective shield.

Then, unless you’re getting a relaxer for the first time or doing a precautionary relaxer, always insist on only relaxing the new growth.

Use deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis

Deep conditioning is critical for relaxed hair. This is the care that will bring back the moisture and bounce.

The best way to ensure moisture penetration is to use heat, which means sitting underneath a dryer or wearing a heating cap. Some people use these treatments twice each week, once a week, or every two weeks to keep their hair from drying out. Moisturize and wrap your hair in between treatments.

Once a month, perform protein treatments

Deep conditioning treatments are important when caring for your relaxed hair, but you must also balance them with a protein treatment. Protein will assist in strengthening your stands and prevent limpness from moisture overload in your hair.

Protein should be used rarely because it can seamlessly overpower your hair. This is why you should only do this once a month rather than weekly.

Heat should be used sparingly

Allow it to sink in: not all heat is scary. We need oblique heat for protein and conditioning therapies which is safe. Direct heat from equipment like flat irons and dryers is the type of harmful heat you want to avoid.

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